How to Make Natural Hand Cream at Home

Dry and brittle skin is happy about additional care. But it is not only in winter that the hands suffer because frequent hand washing and constant disinfection cause the natural skin barrier to be attacked. What is the best way to make hand cream at home? Our guide outlines the simple ingredients and processes to make hand cream yourself, natural and money-saving.

 A.Vitamin E Hand Cream

 Ingredients: Vitamin E capsules, Urea Cream, Lotion

Step 1: Mix the lotion and the urea cream at a ratio of 1:1. Some cheap and dilute lotion would be fine;

Step 2: Puncture a few Vitamin E capsules and squeeze the Vitamin E inside into the mixture, then stir them together;

Step 3: Put the prepared hand cream into a suitable container.

Function: Both urea cream and Vitamin E do well in moisturizing skin, which can keep hands moist for a long time.  

 B.Beeswax Hand Cream

Ingredients: Shea butter, Olive oil, Jojoba oil, Tea-seed oil, Almond oil, Beeswax The ratio of these materials is 5:4:2:4:2:3.

Step 1: Put all the materials together in a container, and then heat it with water;

Step 2: Stir the materials while heating until they are melted;

Step 3: Then pour the mixture into a container while it is still hot, and wait until it is solidified.

Function: Olive oil has a good moisturizing effect on dry skin in winter, and it is easily absorbed by the skin; while beeswax has antibacterial properties, not only can moisturize your hands, but also can form a protective layer on the skin surface to protect the skin from external damages.

C.Olive Oil Hand Cream

Ingredients: 15ml Olive oil, 15ml Jojoba oil, 5g Emulsifier, 5g Cocoa butter, 5g Glycerin, 5g Salt, 1ml Vitamin E, Essential oil.

Step 1: Put all solid materials together and heat them until they are completely melted;

Step 2: Heat other materials with the same temperature;

Step 3: Mix and stir all the heated ingredients, then put some essential oil into them;

Step 4: Cool the mixture to about 50°C.

Function: This hand cream replenishes nutrients and vitamins for the hands, and it can also moisturize your hands and improve the dry and peeling condition.


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