The Very Best Shower Caddies for College

Whether you are searching for yourself or siblings who are hitting to the dorms, a durable and handy shower bag with large capacity is a must-have for going back-to-school.
There are many essentials you need to prepare for a college life, i.e. different styles of organizers, power strips with multiple ports, or some small workout tools, but don’t forget to get yourself a shower caddy in the dorm as you won’t have much private bathroom to place your personal cares. A portable shower caddy (yes, portable to public places like summer camp and dorm bathrooms where you need to take shower.) gives you everything you need to get squeaky clean without the hassle in communal bathrooms.
A shower tote with large capacity holds your shampoo, conditioner, razor, toothpaste and toothbrush, and anything else you might need handy. Besides those, you will need to wear shower shoes, bring a towel or robe to wear back to your dorm.
The ULG shower caddy is specifically added a waterproof zipper pocket for storing your electronics and cash. And also, there is a dust-resistant space with elastic strips for dirty slippers or sandal since wearing shower shoes can actually protect your feet from potentially shared germs and keeps them clean when walking to and from the bathroom, so make sure you have an extra, shower-only pair of flip-flops at all times in the bathroom.

We all know that communal bathrooms are dreaded, so, prepare yourself well by either carrying the bath tote by hand or over shoulder with all your shower stuffs in it, you will not get embarrassed when share bathroom with others.


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