Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5 inch
Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5 inch
Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5 inch
Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5 inch
Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5 inch
Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5 inch
Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5 inch

Hair Thinning Scissors 6.5 inch

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Brand: ULG


  • 【Handmade Japanese Stainless Steel Materials】 - This pair of professional high-quality hair thinning scissors is tempered with precise blades and hand-sharpened cutting edges, not only resisting tarnish and rust, but also with a sleek mirror polished texture, providing a perfect high-end exterior.(Please note that this is a pair of right-handed scissors.)
  • 【Unique Ergonomic Blade Handle Design】 - We increased the distance between the blades handle, as well as the height position of the thumb hole, so that the design is more ergonomic, allowing you to cut with your elbow in a downward position, reducing pressure on your hands, wrists and body. And its special convex blades are super sharp and completely safe to use on men, women, the elderly, children, babies and pets.
  • 【Professional Sharp Blades】 - Our texturizing shears have 30 double teeth on one side to get a 20-25% thinning rate and smooth sharp blade on the other side. Tempered with precise blades and hand-sharpened thinning razor edges to evenly trim hair with ease. You’ll achieve flawless results every time without any damage, split ends or pulling hairs, perfect for dry or wet fringe, bang , eyebrows, sideburns, beard, mustache and thick hair.
  • 【Finger Hole Custom Design】 - Customized inside ring fits any thumb and finger, our scissors increase the position thickness and tilt of the thumb, and feature an integrated finger rest for comfort, easy movement of the hands and optimum control.
  • 【Flexible & Convenient】 - These right-handed hair shears weigh only 2.2 ounces and 6.5 inch overall length with 2.5 inch razor blades. They are ideal for professional barbers, hair stylists, salon workers, hairdressers and personal usage.


Why choose ULG scissors?

Made of durable Japanese stainless steel with high quality and longevity 30 sharp teeth on one side, 20-25% thinning rate, sharp cutting, no hair pulling. Intelligent design with integrated finger rest allows relax cutting without any pain 2.2 ounces lightweight design makes it easy to cut 6.5 inch overall length makes it safe enough to use for baby Suitable for right-handed hairdressers or hair stylists Perfect for dry and wet hair cut, blunt or textured trim

Our scissors are suitable for all levels of skill. Even if you are a beginner you can also create a super soft and confident hairstyle!

Note: Our scissors are very sharp, be careful when you use them!


General FAQ;s:

What is the difference between hair cutting scissors and thinning shears?

The main difference between normal scissors or hair cutting shears is that hair thinning scissors have one normal straight blade and one blade that has several teeth on it. The teeth cut away a certain amount of hair and all of the hair in between the teeth is not cut, therefore thinning the hair without cutting it all away in one foul swoop.

What do thinning scissors do?

Hair thinning scissors are great for thinning out the hair and getting rid of thickness and bulk where it is unwanted. Hair is nice but in times like the hot summer it is also nice to have thinner hair to let the heat out. That doesn;t mean that you have to chop it all off, just use hair thinning scissors to lighten things up a little bit. Thinning Scissors incorporate a comb-like cutting edge that selectively cuts a percentage of the hair; this creative process allows weight to be taken out of the hair for a softer look.

Will this work for left handed people?

These scissors are designed for right-handed.

Item Condition: New

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